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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 15, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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carefully crafted with real seafood, real veggies, and never any by-products or fillers. wow! being a cat just got more enjoyabowl. fancy feast broths. wow served daily. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. of course, we start this hour with that breaking news out of ferguson, after nearly a week of pressure, the ferguson police chief has named darren wilson as the officer who shot unarmed teenager michael brown. we know that wilson is a six high pressure year veteran of the police force, has no history of disciplinary action and from the st. louis area. there was another bomb shell in
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his announcement. he also talked about a strong arm robbery. he intimated that michael brown may have taken part in this strong arm robbery. let's head to cnn's don lemon live outside of their police station with more on this. >> reporter: carol, didn't really connect the dots, did he? and leaving a lot for mamgs and assumption here. here's what he said. he walked up to the microphone, took his time with doing it, and then sort of tried to figure out where he was, lost his place a little bit and i think he was very me tick cue louse about what he said because he doesn't want anything to be misconstrued here. here's what he said. i'll go through it and we will get up what he said. i have a lot of sunshine law requests for documents. he said some of it i can talk about it, some i can't, some of
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it i can release, some i can't. i also have information about a august 9th robbery that preceded the shooting death of michael brown. let's take a listen now to the ferguson police chief tom jackson. here he is. >> i want to give you a little timeline of what happened on august 9th. from 11:48 to noon, the officer involved in the shooting was on a sick call on glenn ark. there was an ambulance present. at 11:52 there was a 911 call. dispatch gave a description of a robbery suspect over the radio. a different officer arrived at the store where the strong arm robbery occurred. a further description, more detail was given over the radio and stated the officer was walking -- or the suspect was walking toward quick trip. our officer left the sick call.
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he encountered -- he encountered the -- i'm sorry -- at 12:01 p.m., our officer encountered michael brown on canfield drive. at 12:04, a second officer arrived on scene immediately following the shooting and at 12:05 a supervisor was dispatched to the scene and subsequent officers arrived. there has been some questions about the calling of an ambulance. the ambulance that was at the sick case on glenn ark was coming by immediately following the shooting and they did respond to assess michael brown. >> okay. so then we know what -- as much as we can from eyewitnesses and from what police have said what occurred after that. what has been said that occurred after that was that michael brown and his friend dorian was
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walking in the middle of the street, confronted by the police officer who we know now his name is darren wilson, six year veteran of that police department. they get into a confrontation that ultimately ends in the death of michael brown. here's the bomb shell in all of this. to many here in the st. louis area, we had heard about it, many people had heard about this, but we were not able to get confront medication on it that that the convenience store that he is talking about, not the qt that was burned down close to where he lived, at another convenience store, there was a robbery that occurred and that was the description of the suspect that they were given offer the radio by the dispatch. in that sunshine packet that they gave to anna ka bear ra -- cabrera, there is a videotape in that, from that convenience store that shows a strong arm
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robbery, someone you can see clearly punching the face of the clerk, and then stealing cigars, and that's, again, i'm getting this information secondhand. i have not seen it, but that's according to the reporters and producers who are on the scene over at the qt, the burnt-out qt. that's on the videotape and we're going to get that up for you on cnn. the question remains though -- >> actually, don -- >> go ahead, carol. >> we have ana cabrera but she's been going through that packet. dorian's last name is johnson. he didn't mention any strong arm robbery when he was giving his account of what happened last saturday. anna, what have you found? >> we're still going through it, carol, i don't want to jump the gun here so to speak, but i do want you to know i can provide a little more information about what exactly we received. there isn't any confusion to our viewers here. we got the dispatch logs that show the time of the events that commence with the initial 911 call that's related to that robbery as well as still photos
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of just certain frames of that surveillance video that show the crime that gave rise to that initial 911 call. again, that strong arm robbery. we don't have any more about the investigation in that case. we will not receive the 911ing recordings, you may have heard some dispatch radio recordings that's different than the 911 recordings. that we have and don't have? >> we have some pictures that i just got handed from the producer. you cannot make out the real -- they aren't great. you can't make out exactly whose face that is. you can see mostly the physique of that person from that strong arm robbery. i know there's a little bit of glare. let me try to get these in frame so all of you at home can see. you see a person here wearing a hat. there's a red hat. a person in a white t-shirt. we don't have any more details. there's another person in this shot as an individual is walking
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into that convenience store. i don't know how conclusive these images really are about whether or not these are michael brown. i just don't know. so we're starting to get at least more details about the connection what happened with michael brown. the first images of that robbery that prompted an initial 911 -- we're going to continue to go through the documents that we received and as well as a cd that we received with some of the pictures, if we can get a better clearer picture we can put up there, and if we can confirm the identity of this person, we will. at this time we cannot confirm the identity of these images that were given to us from the surveillance video from the convenience store. i also have somebody here with me -- >> i want to say to our viewers, we have that picture on screen right now and before you go to
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the citizen you have that you are about to interview, i want to bring in jean because she has some interesting insight on why the police chief didn't expressly tell the community who he thought this was in these surveillance tapes. >> i think it's pretty understandable because the prosecutor would say right now this is my job to tie up all the loose ends, to provide the analysis and what we believe the conclusions are here and furthermore, ultimately, it may be in the hands of a jury and the police really have to stay i think neutral and if you notice the words were very carefully chosen. they were all very factual, right, with not tying it together because they will be witnesses. police officers will take the stand, so they have to maintain their credibility, but i think reading between the lines as you and don lemon were doing, i think you have it right because the officer involved got a call that there had been a strong arm robbery and he was headed toward the quick stop and that's exactly in the vicinity of the officer, so i think we're
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looking at mistaken identity possibility right there. i pull the law on self-defense because that's what the officer's defense will be. we think he himself believes he's in imminent fear of death. in missouri, self-defense an emergency procedure which would otherwise be a felony or murder is justified to avoid an imminent public or private injury. if that officer reasonably believed that this was the suspect, we don't know, the devil is going to be in the details here, then the defense would say he's justified. >> i guess the problem i have -- the police are just allowing the media to determine who this person is in the surveillance tape, and i'm not sure that that's the right road. i mean, i hear what you are saying. >> well, have they found this person in the surveillance tape? >> i don't know. >> i have no idea. >> right now, they are in the midst, as we heard, last night we heard on don's show that they
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are about finished with their investigation of the interviewing witnesses. it will then go into the hands of prosecutors and then to grand jury. >> don lemon, you have new information. tell us. >> i want to say, carol, we're not exactly sure and anna may be able to clear this up. he explicitly said that there was videotape. he said there's videotape of this, but so far all we have seen are pictures. now, just, you know, for trans sparns si, if you look at the video of michael brown laying on the ground, right, after his death, he's wearing a white t-shirt, khaki shorts. there is a red baseball cap that is clearly visible with a logo on it. if you put the pictures back up, you will see in these pictures of the convenience store white shirt, khaki shorts, red cap. now, i don't know if, again, we cannot be 100% sure that this is michael brown, but if you are looking for someone that matches the description, it does match
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the description. what that has to do ultimately played out on the scene, i don't know. i'm not -- i wasn't there. i'm not a police officer or investigator. but again in full trans sparns si if you look at the video we have, it's the same outfit. do we know if this is michael brown? we don't. and do we know if there's video? according to the police chief, he says there is video, but so far we've only seen these stills coming from the packet that he handed out at the press conference. >> it's interesting. i actually want to go to anna because i want to know how the community is reacting to this right now. anna, tell us. >> carol, i want to tell you in just a second. i have some more information that is getting to the facts of what happened in that convenience store. i got to an important paragraph in the documents that we are combing through and i want to read you some of this because in the documents, it identifies brown as the person who was in that convenience store at the time those images were taken and let me read it to you.
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this is what it says happened. he had just come out of the restroom, this is the clerk. there's some stuff that's redacted, so there are some pauses here, but blank had just come out of the restroom and returned to the counter, where she observed brown tell this other person that he had wanted several boxes of cigars and as this person behind the counterwas placing the boxes on the counter, it says brown grabbed a box of swisher cigars, handed them to johnson. somebody witness the tell brown he has to pay for them first. that's when he reached across the counter and grabbed numerous packs and turned to leave the store. that's when someone called 911. meanwhile the other person was trying to lock the door. that's when brown grabbed this person by the shirt and forcefully pushed him back into a display rack there. another individual packed away and brown and johnson exited the
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store with the cigars. so that is the information we have about that strong arm robbery in which in the initial incident report from the ferguson police department, it has the name brown and johnson in that report. so that's what is connecting that armed or strong armed robbery to what happened afterwards. that's an interesting new information wedge learned, carol, and sandy beside me is a resident in this area who came out to listen to what the police chief had to say. you said you had to be here. what is your reaction to the police's press conference that he held and the information and pirks that we have just shown the world. >> number one, i'm floored that he lied. yesterday, when the reporter asked was it darryn, was it police officer darryn, and he said no, and then today he comes out and says the exact same person. that's number one. number two, he said that it was
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a robbery, when we initially no one heard that it was a robbery at all, and, you know, the fact that there's a picture and all of these things, anyone could walk in the store and they could get surveillance and take a picture. i don't see that he's robbing the sore. i see a picture of a young man. i don't know who it is. >> those still images. >> they are still images. i don't know who -- i can't identify who this is and don't think -- >> they don't show the contact between him and another individual. >> it doesn't appear to be a robbery. it appears that someone is walking in the store and standing there. so i think that they are trying to cover up for this police officer. i think that they are tarnishing this young man's name, and -- >> how do you feel about what you think happened or how this as all unfolded? >> expected. i think why we came out like we did, why the people of ferguson and other people from surrounding areas came out like we did is because we felt like there was going to be an
7:15 am
injustice, and i think we knew and so it's one of those things that you knew that they were going to lie. you felt they were going to lie about this, and i think they are covering up a lot of things. they are covering up this officer, and it's unfortunate. >> does what happened here with the announcement of the officer's name now, with the release of these documents, help or hurt the situation as it stands? i know the police chief this morning said they are trying to be transparent and this was a symbol of that, he felt. >> no, i feel -- it hurts it because initially why wasn't this -- why now? why on friday, almost a week later, we're hearing that supposedly there was a robbery and you have the 911 call and you have these pictures and things. why now? why wasn't it said in the beginning? if it was anyone else, we would know that day. >> do you feel like what happened last night with the calm being restored to this community is what happened today going to change that tone that
7:16 am
was established last night? >> i hope not. i think everyone will still be calm. i think the police and all the force with the snipers and the tear gas and all that stuff had people a little upset and frustrated and angry and things because they were coming at them. they weren't deescalating the situation at all. i was out here last night. i was also in front of the ferguson police station last night and i didn't see anything that was not calm. it seemed to be pretty peaceful and i think everyone will be the same way tonight. we want justice. i think people will be upset, rightfully so. i'm upset. i think that as long as we don't have that threat of k-9 dogs and snipers and things facing us, i think people will be the same way they were last night. >> and be peaceful. >> i think people will be upset. i can't answer how some people will react, i think majority, a lot of people will be peaceful.
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>> we really appreciate your time. i'm not using your name. i know you asked me not to but thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. >> all right. >> best of luck to you and your community here. back to you. thanks so much. i got to take a break. we'll be back with much more in the "newsroom." >> the officer that was involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson. he's been a police officer for six years. has had no disciplinary action gaens -- against him. he was treated for injuries which occurred on saturday.
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first prescription free at all right. just about 40 minutes ago, the police chief from ferguson released the name of the officer involved in the killing of this 18-year-old teenager, michael brown. his name is darren wilson. he was a police officer for six years. no disciplinary action in his past but he was treated for injuries on that saturday afternoon when this all went down. it all started at 11:52 with a robbery, a strong arm robbery in a convenience store, and we have new stills taken from the police packet that chief jackson passed out to reporters in ferguson and you can see a young man who appears to be michael brown, as
7:22 am
don lemon pointed out, wearing the same outfit that michael brown was wearing on that saturday, and it appears that there is some sort of scuffle taking place in this convenience store. i want to bring in jean casaras right now. this was termed a strong arm robbery and allegedly michael brown was stealing cigars. so what do these pictures definitely tell you if anything. >> first of all this is an excellent surveillance camera. this is a really strong photographic image of a strong arm robbery, because remember when you are looking at a deadly weapon, it can be your fist, it can be your hand. what i find interesting we had heard and the police chief said today the officer was treated for injuries. what we had heard was that michael brown had pushed him in the face and one side of his face was swollen. if you look at his pictures, the
7:23 am
m.o. is somewhat similar, right? you see the hand going to the side of the face who i believe is the store clerk in that. i think there are still some issues because een if the law says that you are justified in killing someone because of a public threat, an imminent public threat, he was unarmed, so i think there's still that issue that will continue on even if he is suspect the robbery. >> and the dispatch call came out, they termed it a strong arm robbery, which means that the robbery suspect was not armed with a weapon, so the officer would have known that. >> but it also shows that it's a violent struggle, and violence can produce death, so it's more than just a shoplifting scenario. >> gotcha. i want to go to tom foreman now because he's been working on the timeline of what allegedly went down that saturday afternoon. tom, i want you to take us through this. >> it's good to step back at all of this and look at the geography. what we're talking about, st.
7:24 am
louis down here, ferguson is here. this is actually the street we're talking about where all this occurred. if you looked it from a street view. this is what it looks like and the timeline of the actual events that led to his death, very, very short. here is what agreed upon by everyone. these two young men were walking down the street and a police officer came along in his vehicle and told them to get off the street. everyone seems to agree on this general notion of what happened here, but then the stories diverge. the police version is that brown confronted the officer in his car. as the officer attempted to try to get out of the car, he pushed the door back into the officer and then struck the officer at some point through the window, attacked him and tried to take the officer's gun. this is the police version. then as he began to runaway, the officer pursued him and shot him
7:25 am
about 35 feet away from the vehicle. that is the police version. now, the version told by other witnesses on the street is very different. what they say happened was that the officer basically turned his car around here and blocked both these young men and he opened his door into them, that he tried to push them back with the door as he emerge from the car. then when he couldn't do that, the witnesses say he reached out and grabbed brown and tried to yank him in, choking him pulling him toward the car and said he was going to shoot him. the gun went off once. the police also agreed the gun went off once before the officer left the car, then the witnesses say brown ran away, 35 feet away. the officer is still shooting at him and brown turned around and raised his hands. that's when he was shot and killed. all of this, carol, of course, has to be put in one bit of context i want to bring up, i think it does matter. think about this community and all the unrest that followed. would all of this follow one event if there were not around
7:26 am
it, maybe not. here's what's around it. look at this. ferguson is a town that had a big demographic shift over a number of decades here. the population is now 2/3 black and yet the majority of all officials in the area are white. they have been through the political system and campaigning to win most of the offices and be in charge of many things here and the police department overwhelmingly white. 53 officers. only 3 of them black in a town with 2/3 african-american majority. >> you are talking about that tension and i want to go back out to ferguson and ana cabrera and protesters are starting to gather now. tell us about it, anna. >> it's an organized protest, already and what are you chanting what do you want? justice and when do you want it? now. you can see it. a large group walking with their
7:27 am
hands up. a symbol we've seen as they reference what witnesses have said happened when michael brown was shot. that he had his hands up in a sign of surrounding when the police officer pulled the trigger. forgive the many screens that are in front of our camera's view, there are understandably several media oults here. this is an organized protest that's happening already. we are seeing this new information igniting more passion here in the community. so far, we're only seeing peaceful protests, but with a lot of emotion, carol. i do want to bring in some new information. as that's happening behind me, i can say definitely that the officer who was responding to the robbery incident and writing up this incident report that we just received, says in his incident report that that robbery was directly related to the shooting death of michael brown. that those two incidents were
7:28 am
connected in that it says michael brown was identified but a separate officer, not the officer involved in the shooting, the separate officer who is writing this report, he was identified by this officer as the same person that was in the convenience store and the same person who was shot and killed by another ferguson police officer and it confirms that he was the main suspect in that strong armed robbery report. >> understood. you continue to pore through that packet of information. we'll be right back in the "newsroom."
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[ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for join is. the ferguson police chief released a packet of information concerning the shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. he also released the police officer's name, the officer who shot and killed brown. the officer's name is darren wilson. he was a police officer for six years. no disciplinary action taken against him ever and he was treated for injuries on that saturday. now, the bomb shell information comes in the form of police surveillance tapes and you are looking at them right now. this taken from a convenience store shortly before michael brown was killed. this appears to be michael brown
7:33 am
assaulting a convenience store worker, i'm going to use the word allege right now. the call went out and the shooting went down. as i said, the police chief handed out this packet of information, complete with police reports. don lemon has been pornography -- poring through that packet and he has no information. >> i think it's very important that you say alleged and i think it's very important to have the facts here right and go through them. i will go through them. there's a lot of misinformation out there. pictures that are going around social media about the officer, about this officer being a black officer. on background, according to a very credible source, it is a white police officer. that information going across social media inaccurate. let's go through these documents so our voours and you know, you have it in your email.
7:34 am
if you look on page two of the document, it shows you exactly what was going on here, what they said michael brown is accused of. a box of swisher sweets cigars. $48.99. if you are look at page five here, a description of a black male, they are saying dark. there's one with dread locks and there is one with short cropped hair, white t-shirt, khaki shorts, flip-flop style shoes. i would draw your attention to page 8. it shows camera of the interior. the video reveals brown entered the store followed by johnson. brown approaches the register with johnson standing behind him and there's something redacted.
7:35 am
it says can be seen in the background walking behind the restroom behind the counter. brown hands a box of swisher suites to johnson. a struggle or front ton tags takes place by brown. it is obscured by a display case on the counter. brown turns away from the counterwith another box of swisher sweets cigars and walks toward the exit door. it goes on to talk about the confrontation that happened. it is worth mentioning that incident is related to another incident detailed under another police report. it gives that police report number and it says brown was fatally wounded involving the officer in that department. and again, we're calling this a bomb shell. i'm not sure if i would call it a bomb shell because as you remember in the beginning it was said that michael brown had participated in stealing something from a convenience store.
7:36 am
remember that? they said it was candy and something else. >> it was all rumor and conjectu conjecture. >> if you want to classify the strong arm as a bomb shell, i would say absolutely right. if there may have been something that precip tated this. he was stopped in the middle of the street. yes, it was conjecture now there is confirmation at least from police that it was him. >> is there an indication that the officer involved in the shooting of michael brown knew that brown was a suspect in this strong arm robbery? >> there is an indication. let me find it for you here. it says, i think that is on page six, on page five. when he goes into -- for the -- i go in and contact the employee and say he went that way. so the employee says he went that way. he was indicating with his hands toward his chest and then
7:37 am
northward on west florison. i still could not see the suspect and then he went inside and he contacted them. then it goes on to say because of the description of what he was wearing that he came in contact i guess with michael brown on that street and then that's where the confrontation happened. i guess the officer was roaming around the neighborhood, trying to figure out exactly where he went and when the convenience clerk said he went that way, so the officer followed and he says -- i can't find the page that it's on. arrived on scene prior to and i obtained the following information -- so that's where the information came from. the clerk, the clerk told him he went that way, gave him a description, the officer went to look for him. >> all right. don lemon, i'll leave it to you to continue pore through that
7:38 am
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all right. we told you a little earlier that the ferguson police chief released new information about what went down just before michael brown was shot and killed by this ferguson police officer. he allegedly was involved in a strong armed robbery. we've been talking a lot about that. as you might expect, tensions may rise in ferguson because of this new information, so we understand that governor jay
7:42 am
nixon, missouri's governor, and captain ron johnson who is in charge of the police presence in ferguson, they will hold a press conference at noon eastern time. in the meantime, people are already starting to protest, peacefully protest in ferguson in light of this new information and they walk in the streets with their hands-up. that hands-up symbol has become a sign of the protest. hundreds take this photo in solidarity with michael brown. has gone viral and retreated more than 13 rrks -- 13,000 times. i want to bring in the president of the student association at howard university. well, layton. i want to get your reaction to
7:43 am
the news moments ago where the officer who shot michael brown was named and also it's been alleged now that michael brown was possibly a suspect in a strong armed robbery. your reaction. >> well, my reaction to the naming was the naming was a good thing. i'm glad that details are starting to come out. however, it is alleged, robbery, and it's nothing conclusive, and even i was sitting here and thinking, een the cost of the alleged robbery was $50, but the cost to michael brown, the interaction between him and the police officer was his life, that's still an injustice nonetheless. >> it's become a little more complicated now, though. isn't it more complicated now? >> with the strong arm, with the video, with the strong arm allegations, it makes it appear as though it was an altercation between him and that store manager, but even then, when you come out and you confront someone in the middle of the
7:44 am
street, the altercation between him and the officer is still not clear to where an unarmed teenager can cause you to for a your life in such a way where you have to shoot that person multiple times. that connection still has not been made between the alleged robbery and someone killing an unarmed teen. >> let's go back to the photo. were you surprised at how much it resonated with people? >> we were surprised, but it's not surprising in that it shows a connection between how young people, young black people, it could have been any one of us, most of us are in our teens, 18 to 21 years old. most of us are at that african-american. most of us have been stopped by the police and profiled, so what that picture really does is make a connection between young african-americans who are doing nothing wrong and michael brown who in this case had his hands up at the time, apparently, and was unarmed, and so it showed it
7:45 am
could have been any one of us. i think that resonated with the nation. what do you hope comes out of this when all and said and done? >> what we really want -- the names have been released, we want proactive steps to make sure we're not doing a vigil and press conference every year. one of the measures that i saw, one of the solutions that i saw that i really liked was the police cameras that would be on glasses or on their outfits so it keeps police more accountable. police and citizens more accountability. if you look at the realto police force in california, they complemented that. it showed significant success. i think that's one of the solutions that we would really like to see and we as howard students would push for those sort of proactive solutions. >> thanks so much for being with me this morning. i appreciate t. >> thank you for the time. let's head to washington
7:46 am
now. pamela brown has new information on how the fbi will handle this investigation. tell us about it. >> there's parallel investigations taking place. there's the federal investigation as well as the local investigation, but i can tell you if there was a criminal conduct before this shooting, that will be a significant factor, really in both investigations, and will move the needle toward the officer. now, how much it will move the needle, of course, is up to the details, but what it shows us, carol, is that essentially what was in the officer's mind leading up to the shooting. did the officer believe that michael brown was the suspect? was the strong arm robber involved in the robbery at the convenience store, if so, the officer likely would have thought that this person was predisposed to cause arm given the informing that was given over dispatch. but, carol, what's really important here are those moments right before the shooting took place when there was interaction
7:47 am
between brown and the officer. that's really what is ultimately going to inform charges -- any charges against the officer, if those charges come, and also if brown did have his hands up in the air, he wasn't a threat at that point. was he shot after that point? but just to clear up any confusion about the two investigations and what the federal investigators are looking at versus the local investigators, carol. the local level, they are looking at the killing of michael brown. was it a murder? was it manslaughter? that's the distinction there. on the federal level they are looking at whether there is a civil rights violation. did the law enforcement officer acting in his official capacity use excessive force and willfully deprive michael brown of his rights protected under the constitution and by the law? that's really what they are going to be looking at but the fact that we're getting this new
7:48 am
information, that there was alleged criminal activity before and -- >> pamela, i got to interrupt you. captain ron johnson is now talking. he's holding a news conference. he's in charge of the police presence in ferguson. let's listen. >> if you give me a moment so i can talk to the man here. >> hands up. hands up! don't shoot. hands-up, don't shoot. hands-up, don't shoot. hands-up, don't shoot. >> all right. you can see captain jan son. he's in the middle of protesters because shortly after the ferguson police chief made the announcement and reveal the officer's name and also talked about this strong arm robbery that took place shortly before michael brown was shot and killed by that officer, protests broke out and we heard ana
7:49 am
cabrera talking about those protests. they were peaceful. people were walking through the streets with their hands held up that's become a symbol of this tragedy. as you can see, captain johnson is front and center walking amongst the people, actually ana cabrera is ready and observing this. tell us more what's happening now. >> just behind me, you can still hear more protests. you will at times see swarms of people. that's because captain johnson is here talking with protesters. i just ran over a moment ago to hear what's going on, what's the game plan. he's telling both protesters and reporters that he's going to bring a group of selected protesters to that press conference with the missouri governor and with the missouri state highway patrol that's supposed to start in a little more than an hour from now and he said those protesters will also have a voice in the
7:50 am
conversation that happened with the missouri governor and the missouri state highway police. so again we're seeing a desire and an effort to engage the community in the dialog that's happening here and the plan for what's going to happen in this community as this day continues and as the days ahead continue as well as we learn more information, carol. >> all right. thanks so much. i'm going to head to a break. i'll be right back with more. you make him the mvp. tylenol is clinically proven to provide strong, fast pain relief. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist
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7:53 am
the name of the officer who fired the shot, darren wilson, and surveillance pictures from a robbery that officers say is connected to brown's death. i want to bring in patricia vine. she's a democratic committee woman for ferguson township. good morning. >> hi. good morning, carol. how are you? >> i'm good. it's been an interesting morning to say the at least. the ferguson police chief came out. he named the officer involved in the shooting, but then he just passed out packets of police information, and kind of left us all to figure things out for ourselves. what do you make of that? >> well, the community is glad that the officer's name was released. this will give people the opportunity that if they have been possibly harassed by this officer, that they can come forward and talk about things that they have experienced, that they may not have necessarily reported, but this new cloud of
7:54 am
inknew wend doe, especially just a volatile case like this, i don't think this is the responsible thing to do as we've just had a beautiful night of peaceful protests after being gassed. people are angry about this, and the problem has been, people are angry because they are not getting answers, so you kind of can't throw things out like this under a cloud of inewe endo and step back. i guess you put it much more eloquently than i did. i wanted a explanation from the police chief himself as to why this shooting may have gone down. >> and can correct and the aggressive shoplifting can get you shot, it's interesting to see the things the police do. it makes us think about the culture of the police department in the community and the county and how things are being handled here. you can definitely understand
7:55 am
why people have been calling for the fbi and department of jfs get involved. >> captain ron johnson and the governor are about to hole a news conference at noon eastern time, 11:00 your time, and they are going to involve some protesters. they are going to have them take part in this news conference. is that a good idea? >> i think it is. i think that we need to be open to allowing people to express their first amendment rights and i think that this is a very good step in doing that, even in light of these new developments, and we just have to see what happens. i think it's better to allow this than to suppress it. we have already seen what happens when you try to suppress that type of activity here in our community. >> patricia vines, democratic committee woman for ferguson. i want to head out to a different area of ferguson and check in with don lemon. what have you uncovered, don? >> i'm looking at -- carol,
7:56 am
actually, i emailed you something that spoke about exactly the question you asked me, how did the officer know that it was michael brown, what indication did he have, and he says in the document that i sent you as well, it says that he was canvassing the area. he went out to canvass the area and then after that, that is how he came into contact with michael brown. he says came into contact with the suspect wearing a red cards cap, yellow socks with another male subject walking with the khaki shorts on and no one matching that description. and then there's a point in the -- in these documents, i believe it's on page 17, if i can get to it, which talks about, i think it says four shots being fired. producers, if you can -- there we go. shots on canfield. and in the documents, four to six shots, it says. four to six shots, and it gives the address on canfield.
7:57 am
so, again, again, there was a question about obviously who the officer was. we have his name now and the question about how many shots were fired. this clears that up at least a little bit. four to six shots fired according to the incident report here and that's the latest that we know and i'm still continuing to go through these documents, carol. >> okay. you continue. i'm going to pose a question to jean right now. dorian johnson, michael brown's friend, he came out and he gave the media an account of what went down that day. he did not mention any strong arm robbery. what do you make of that? >> i think it very interesting and our minds are working the same way. i think the identity of the person in that video may be michael brown may become a moot issue. the second person at the scene identified himself as being with brown at the convenience store. that would be the person you are talking about. that may not be the focus anymore. the focus may be what happened
7:58 am
seconds before that shooting in that car. >> so much new information coming out. the officers name. darren wilson. we know he's been a police officer for six years, and we also heard from the ferguson police chief that he was treated for injuries that saturday. we don't know how serious those injuries were. we don't know exactly what those injuries were, and as we're poring through this packet, maybe we'll find that too. i find it curious -- >> they may be a witness. all of that is important for the state of mind of the deseed ant. >> thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "@this hour" with berman and michaela after a break.
7:59 am
8:00 am
hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm michaela pereira. we want to get straight to some news that is developing by the moment. >> "@this hour," we have learned the name of the officer involved in the shooting death of michael brown, the officer who pulled the trigger identified as darren wilson. >> ferguson police chief thomas jackson announced his name a short time ago. he surprised a lot of people by implying brown might have been a suspect in what he called a strong arm robbery. let's listen to the chief. >> i want to give y


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